Sunnyvale Hindu Temple and Community Center

Inaugurated in 1993, the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple and Community Center spans over three acres of land and is a great sight to see if you are visiting the Sunnyvale area. The temple is made up of artifacts that were sourced directly from India by members of the community, and you can visit and take in the gorgeous architectural and design features here as well as learn about the Hindu faith at the same time. The community center also runs a range of educational programs and cultural events so make sure to check what is on when you are in town. With ever growing Hindu Community in Northern California and in particular the Silicon Valley area, there was a need felt to have a place to congregate , conduct prayers and other religious ceremonies in the South Bay. The existing facilities were either too small and confining are were very far thus alienating younger generation in pursuing Hindu religious traditions and making it difficult to families and senior citizens

The working committee of the group started meeting periodically to chart a course of action and to plan the journey. During the next several years they arranged many religious and cultural functions such as Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Diwali, Mother’s day, etc and met many people to spread the word to create awareness of the project and to raise funds for the cause. After seeing and rejecting many sites, in April 1993 they came across this particular site in Sunnyvale that excited everyone. After months of negotiations and fund raising efforts, in October 1993 they took a courageous step of making an offer on this fabulous site near Fair Oaks Avenue and Highway 237. This 37,600 square foot property on a 3.15 acre land provides all amenities and facilities for holding religious, social and cultural gatherings. Above all, it presents a scope to create an excellent Hindu Temple. The offer was accepted and all associated formalities were completed in the following six weeks. Finally on December 23, 1993 after months of hard work by this group of dedicated workers, the Hindu Temple and Community Center of South Bay acquired a home of its own. This was a great feat, considering that this monumental task was accomplished in a short period of about two years.

Ever since getting a home, the Hindu Temple and Community Center of South Bay became the center of all Indian cultural, Hindu religious activities of South Bay. Activities included several cultural events organized by cultural groups, religious functions like Ganesh Utsav, Holi, Diwali, discourses by eminent gurus, Bhajans and Jagratas by very popular artists. Yoga training, religious classes for young children became regular activities at the Temple and Community Center. During this period, the facility acquired the popular name “Sunnyvale Hindu Temple”.

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