Sunnyvale Public Art

Art lovers will be delighted on a trip to Sunnyvale, as the city is known for having over 100 different pieces of public art on display. Just some of the pieces to look out for include the El Paseo de Los Suenos which is a bronze sculptural piece in a triangular shape, as well as Meadow Flowers, which is a steel structure that features 14 metal flowers.

If you want to check out the art work in all its glory, then you can pick up a map that will take you on a walking tour of the different locations of each piece. Sunnyvale has over 150 Public Art pieces throughout the city. All public art is available for the public to access even if part of a private development project. The entire collection is now viewable online as part of the national Public Art Archive.

Sunnyvale requires a public art component for private development projects. One of the first cities in the Bay Area to do so. The city has one of the largest public art collections in Northern California. They have growing collection of over 150 artworks. The City created the Master Plan for Public Art to sustain the program. The plan provides a framework for existing programs. It also creates new opportunities that reflect community values. Developed with the mission of making public art more public, the Public Art Archive (PAA), a program sponsored by the 40-year old non-profit organization WESTAF, provides free and low-cost resources for the public art field. Built for artists, administrators, consultants, planners, educators, and researchers, audiences of all ages and backgrounds can engage with PAA’s services.

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